nATANDA Dance Theatre

nATANDA Dance Theatre of Sri Lanka was formed in the year of 2005 and has since then developed in dance technique, style and creative choreography that is unique to the company.

Kapila Palihawadana, the founder, artistic director and choreographer of nATANDA founded the company in response to a simple request, “can you teach me dance, so I can become taller?” We are proud to say that ever since then Malith Upendra has become a qualified principal dancer of the company, and has represented nATANDA and Sri Lanka in international dance festivals.

nATANDA’s dance style derives from Kapila’s experiences and lessons in dance. He studied dance for twenty years before starting his own company, and has been trained in Kandyan dancing, classical ballet, and modern dance.

nATFEST was nATANDA’s dream since a decade or so ago. Sharing our passion in dance with people of all nations and cultures was a dream, but being able to help a country that is fuelled with many boundaries ethnically even in the minutest scale, is a wonderland of its own.