nATFEST 2016

nATFEST 2016 is reaching new heights with contemporary dancers/dance groups from Germany, Malaysia, USA, India, United Kingdom, South Korea, Australia and of course Sri Lanka coming together to “Dance for Reconciliation” from the 2nd – 7th of December 2016.

We will be in Colombo from the 2nd-3rd Dec at the Nelum Pokuna Amphitheatre, and in Kandy from the 6th-7th of December at the NICD Auditorium, Polgolla. We are definitely looking forward to perform as well as watch the performances by the teams that were hand picked very carefully for this event. The 4th of December will be a day full of workshops conducted by local and international artists which is also opened to the general public for a nominal fee of Rs.500.


We would like to thank our Main Partners, the Embassy of Switzerland, and our supporters, American Embassy, House of Fashions, Goethe Institute, Red Bull, Nelung Arts Centre, and Cross Culture for making nATFEST 2016 possible, and for giving us nATANDA Dance Theatre of Sri Lanka the helping hand(s) that we needed.





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