A Glimpse into nATFEST 2015: Workshops


nATFEST 2015 did not find its success only on stage performances alone, but through the workshops that were conducted during the day as well. These invaluable workshops taught different techniques in various dance cultures to the participating local artists and to those who were interested in learning. The workshops were conducted by the participating international artists from South Korea, Lebanon, Malaysia, USA, India, and UK.

To a dancer, learning to move your body in an unfamiliar way to a tune of a different culture is equivalent to learning a different tongue. The different vocabularies in dance is just as varied as the speaking language. Learning the alphabet of various contemporary dance techniques from the international artists was rewarding, and with occasional bursts of laughter, tumbles and goggle-eyed awe, much was learnt and accomplished.

Workshops conducted by:

Ali Chahrour (Lebanon), Olivier Tarpaga (USA), Sanjib Bhattacharya (India), Kyung Min Ji (South Korea), Lawrence Sackris (Malaysia), Kendra Horsburgh (United Kingdom)

Special thank you to the Nelung Arts Center for providing the venue and the very much needed lunch packs.




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